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Documentation for Muragami's Projects

Here it is, however incomplete or limited. I will make sure I note how complete docs are for each, so you'll know going in what to expect. Most of these are hosted on GitHub, under my username: Muragami. Links into the main doc page for each below:

You can also return to my website here.


Docs: Maxrects-lua

An implementation of the MAXRECTS 2d rectangle packing algorithm in Lua, somewhat optimized for LuaJIT. It is pretty flexible, as it just packs rectangles. You can attach a field in the rectangle called data, and that can hold your information about the specific rectangle (for instance, image information).

Simple Video Demonstration of hot packing action:


Docs: Rogue-lua

An re-implementation of Rogue 5.2.1 in Lua for LÖVE. Important to note, this is not a port but instead a new implementation of the logic I scrubbed from the 5.2.1 source. While this project will offer a game itself, using minimal graphics, more importantly it creates a Rogue-lua library for the logic of the game. This means it can be expanded upon and retooled for any purpose you desire.


Docs: cppSfxr

Sfxr recoded and enhanced as a C++ library with DLL and FFI bindings.

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